The key concept of Bible and Culture is found in the name. There are loads of Christians who train to be better at handling scripture, but who forget how to apply it to real people and to the real world. There are loads of others who are 'culture vultures' and who develop keen insights on aspects of contemporary culture BUT without getting up to speed on their handling of God's word.

The danger for the first group is that their teaching may become irrelevant to those they try to teach. The danger for the second lot is that they can come to think that scripture is no longer relevant for today's Christians.

God speaks today through His word into His world. So we want to look at Bible and Culture side by side, or mixed together. Asking how God's word makes us better informed about His world.

For example, in week 1 we're going to try to study Worldview, Identity and Genesis all in one go. Not as fragmented sections but as a composite, or rather as a triple helix of ideas that wrap around each other. We're going to survey people on the streets of Berlin to build up a picture of their Worldview, we're going to analyse it. The we're going to set the opening chapters of genesis alongside and ask where the language intersects between these two narratives of 'human being'. We will try to understand how a Biblical worldview should shape us, and also what it leads us to believe about human identity. Then we will go back to what we learned on the streets to try to perceive the disparities between what we say we believe, and what we actually follow.

That sounds like fun - mixing it up!

Through weeks 2 & 3 you're going to have to elect which Cultue Modules you wish to study. But in order tyo make sure we're mixing these up as well, on Friday nights each of the Culture Groups will present their work to the whole course, so that we can all learn a little of the great stuff that some have been studying in depth.