It's one thing to stuff our heads full of new and interesting ideas from God's Word and from the world. But B&C is more than about just stuffing heads. We want you to leave B&C more confident of what you believe; more able to make the synaptic connections between the Word and the world; and more confident about telling others - believers and non-believer - what exactly following Jesus means to you in the 21st Century.

To help you learn as much as you can we want our work together to be orientated towards individual and group work, as well as sitting in the classroom. In the Culture modules, we will try as often as possible to make the course project orientated so that you can work together with others on a clear project over the week.

With the Bible teaching, we want you to have a go at teaching others. Nothing threatening, but perhaps a little scary if you haven't done it before. We have found that becasue it is easier to sperak English as a second language, than to write it, and because time is tight even on a 4 week course, the best way to help you take on board what is being taught is to give you a go at teaching others.

So each week, except week 1, we will coach you in groups to do good manuscript exegesis, to pick out key teaching points in a passage, to structure a talk around those key points. You'll then have time to make something worth 'Articulating' and on Saturday mornings we'll all have the chance to teach each other in the safety of friendly smiling peer-groups! What could be more fun than that!

OK I know it sounds scary if you haven't done it before, but if you speak to any of the previous B&C students they'll tell you that this is one of the key learning opportunities in the course. A time for you to grow!